Welcome to the Woodridge Mutual Water and Property Owners Corporation!
This corporation is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Mission Statement
Within the parameters of our bylaws and CC&R’s, to be frugal as possible, and at the same time maintain the integrity of our lake, water company and subdivision infrastructure. To always strive to maintain the safety, value comfort and protection for all Woodridge Property Owners. Lastly, to continue to make Woodridge a wonderful place to live.

1.  As a new property owner, you should receive a copy of the Woodridge Homeowners Association By-Laws and CC&R’s from your title company.
2.  As a new property owner, The Woodridge Homeowners Association Secretary will be mailing you a “Welcome Packet.” 

WPOA General Meeting Documents 5-1-21

President’s Letter

Reminder To-Do List


Proxy Form

Exhibits Table of Contents

Exhibit 1 Elections Procedure

Exhibit 2A Water Budget

Exhibit 2B POA Budget

Exhibit 2C Tiered Pricing

Exhibit 3A Lake Bullet Points

Exhibit 3B Lake Options

Exhibit 3C1 Letter

Exhibit 3C2 Email

Exhibit 3C3 Email

Exhibit 3C4 Letter

Exhibit 3C5 Letter

Exhibit 3C6 Letter

Exhibit 4 Bylaws

Exhibit 5A CC&Rs

Exhibit 5B CC&R Exhibits

Exhibit 5B CC&R Maps

Exhibit 6 Enforcement Policy

Exhibit 9 Exhibit A

Important Documents:

Disaster Ready Guide

Fire Safety: CalFire Defensible Space & Hardening Your Home

Woodridge Fire Emergency Project: Emergency Communications

Woodridge Mutual Water Company Rates, Rules and Policies

Woodridge Mutual Water Drinking Water Test Results 2020

Final PER for Woodridge Mutual Water July 2016

Property Owners Information

Our Bylaws

Our CC&R’S

Our Due Process for Violations

CC&R Violation Report Form

Propane: Exclusive Offer for Woodridge Residents

Woodridge Lake Access: To obtain a lake pass form (required for non-residents) contact the Woodridge Secretary (see email address below)


2021 Meeting Minutes: May 1, 2021

2020 Meeting Minutes: March 7, 2020

2019 Meeting Minutes: June 22, 2019

Special HOA Meeting: June 22, 2019

2019 Meeting Minutes: March 2, 2019

2018 Meeting Minutes: April 7, 2018

2017 Meeting Minutes: March 4, 2017

Board Members:

President: Neill Murchison

Vice President:  Sherri Dodson

Secretary: Heather Stokes

Treasurer: Allison Elliott

Members-At-Large: Kristyn Koppman, Nanette Emmen

Water Master: Nick Gorshen


Woodridge POA Committee Roster

Committee Reports 4th Quarter 2020

Committee Reports 3rd Quarter 2020

Committee Reports 2nd Quarter 2020

Committee Reports 1st Quarter 2020

Lake Weed Update July 2020


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