Your Committees

Advocacy & Community Safety

Assist, Support, and Respond – Outreach within and for our Community

Design & Architectural

Always Balance Between the Letter of the Law and the Spirit

Lake Management & Oversight

Caring for Woodridge Lake as a Vital Member of our Community

Woodridge Lake is our common area. As a note to our property owners, your visitors as non-residents should always have a Lake Pass. Please contact any board member for passes, or request one via the general community email:

A video timeline of Woodridge Lake’s activity in 2021 and 2022

Legal Oversight

Mitigate Liabilities and Ensure Compliance

Treasury & Accounting (Bookkeeping / Billing /Asset Management)

Treat It Like It’s Your Own Money

Water System Administration

Provide Reliable and High-Quality Water to Our Community – Safely, Cost-Effectively, and Professionally


Woodridge Lake’s Information Portal – Informative, Helpful, and Bibliographic

Committee Reports

Woodridge POA Committee Roster

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Lake Weed Update July 2020