Welcome to the Woodridge Mutual Water and Property Owners Corporation
This corporation is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Mission Statement

Within the parameters of our bylaws and CC&R’s, to be cost and expense conscious, and maintain the integrity of our lake, water system and subdivision infrastructure. Always will strive to maintain the safety, value, comfort, and protection for all Woodridge Lake Estates Property Owners. Importantly, continue to make Woodridge a wonderful place to live.

Our History

The original founders – the Truetts, Grovers, Struthers, and Sutters – of Woodridge Lake Estates are steeped in the rich history of Shingletown. Our community was initially established in March of 1978 when Gail Truett and Jean Truett Drake formed a limited partnership with eight other limited partners and a general partner, Wholesale Land Club, Inc. Gail Truett and partners contributed parcels of land off Wilson Hill Road, through Woodridge Drive and all around Truett Lake – now known as Woodridge Lake – and across Highway 44. The focus was to develop a residential community around the lake. Additionally, WC Grover contributed a large parcel which provided access to the land locked lots and gave access to the lake as well as lake frontage.

Between August of 1978 and September of 1979, all infrastructure improvements were completed, and the subdivision was taken through the steps of the Subdivision Map Act. Woodridge Mutual Water and Property Owners Corporation was formed in February 1979 when it was given a Grant Deed by Ralph Struthers the president of Woodridge Lake Estates Limited.

Today, Woodridge Lake Estates is comprised of custom homes on Woodridge Drive, Wilson Hill Road, Lakeridge Road, Winterwood Drive, and Cedarwood Court. Each home is unique as is our community. Visit our Photo Gallery and get to know your board on “Meet the Board”.

Owners/Residents and Prospective Owners

As a new property owner, your title company should provide you with a copy of our By-Laws and CC&R’s. It is also available in our Document Library. Our community welcomes you and our Secretary will reach out to you after your move-in, with a “Welcome to Woodridge” informational packet. This website should also provide you with the resources you may need.

Please contact us at woodridge96088@gmail.com with any questions.