About Us

Woodridge Lake Estates, Ltd was a limited partnership with Ralph Struthers, President.  Woodridge Mutual Water and Property Owners Corporation was Grant deeded by the Woodridge Lake Estates, LTD on February 8, 1979 by Pres. Ralph Struthers. 

The area which is now Woodridge Lake Estates residential developement began in March of 1978 as Gail Truett and Jean Truett Drake formed a limited partnership with 8 other limited partners and a general partner, Wholesale Land Club, Inc, a corporation. They contributed a 40 acre parcel of land across State Route 44 and Gail contributed an additional 40 acres for the express purpose of developing a subdivision around Truett Lake which the first 40 acres fronted.  W.C. Gover contributed a larger parcel of land which provided access to the land locked 80 acres and not only gave access to it but also lake frontage.  The lots when developed were not to be sold to the public, but distributed to the partners. 

The subdivision was taken through the steps of the Subdivision Map Act, and the improvements completed between August of 1978 and September of 1979.